Fantastic Cape fox family found frolicking on Vergelegen

Nature is flourishing under lockdown. This has been proven once again at Vergelegen, where a rare sighting of family of Cape foxes was recently seen. Along with this, an out-of-the-ordinary set of Nguni calf twins were also born and 11 bontebok lambs are thriving on the wine estate.

With more than a fifth of the global population in lockdown due to the coronavirus, South Africans are amongst those drawing inspiration from nature.

Vergelegen wine estate in Somerset West, has 1,900 hectares promulgated as a private nature reserve with the same protected status as the Kruger National Park.

Cape fox (Vulpes chama) have stable populations all over Southern Africa, but it is rare to spot them as they tend to be very shy, especially in urban areas. Vergelegen staff have been delighted to encounter an entire family – two adults and three pups ‒ right on their doorstep.

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