Abandoned baby caracals rescued by Owl Rescue Centre

Two adorable baby caracals were recently rescued by the Owl Rescue Centre after being found abandoned in the North West province.

The Owl Rescue Centre, an organization dedicated at the protection and conservation of owls in South Africa, was called out for an unusual rescue by the South African Wildlife Centre. 

Murray adds that due to the young age of the caracals the rescue needed to be treated with a sense of emergency. 

“We drove late night and early morning hours to reach the kittens as soon as possible. They are still young and would be fully dependent on their mother at this age, so we wanted to get there as soon as we can,” she said. 

The two baby caracals estimated to be merely seven weeks old were found in good health upon being rescued and were then transported by Owl Rescue representatives to the South African Wildlife Centre where they will be reared and taken care of. 

“Once the caracals are old enough, they will be released following a ‘soft release’ process. This means that they will be supported throughout their adaption to a new environment until they become fully self-sufficient wild cats. Judy has over 30 years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation and care and is a trusted person when it comes to the well-being of these animals,” explains Murray.

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Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/lifestyle/