Elephants Alive to stream collaring in Greater Kruger area

Elephants Alive will be documenting and streaming a live-action elephant collaring on Saturday, August 8 in the Greater Kruger area. The NGO will take viewers at home on an adventure unlike any other.

The live stream will include tracking the elephant in the Greater Kruger area, its immobilization, fitting the new collar and watching as the giant comes round and walks off into the bush. All the while, elephant experts and vets will explain what’s happening and answer your questions.

This pioneering virtual experience will take place on Saturday 8th August, just ahead of World Elephant Day.

The organisation has been studying the elephants in the area for nearly 25 years, their work spanning three countries, where the tracked elephants go. Kruger National Park and the private reserves bordering the Park in South Africa, Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and Parque Nacional de Limpopo in Mozambique are the core areas of movement.

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Source: Getaway