Game rangers rescue trapped honey badger

Two rangers at Londolozi Game Reserve found a honey badger stuck in a hole under a tree. Honey badgers or ‘ratels’ are known as tough and ferocious animals. Not held back by its size, these creatures aren’t afraid to take on large predators like leopards. These animals are also known to turn venomous snakes into snacks.

This particular honey badger, however, was in desperate need of help. The animal was possibly injured and had poor blood circulation due to its lower body being stuck in the hole. It was also severely dehydrated and exhausted.

After giving the badger water and calming it by putting a blanket over it, the two rangers Sean Zeederberg and Pete Thorpe started digging. The operation lasted for hours and still, the little creature remained stuck. Finally, as the badger grabs onto the blanket, they manage to gently pull it free and it scuttled off into the night.

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Source: Getaway