Orphaned baby rhino rescued in Kruger National Park

SANParks and the Jock Safari Lodge Environmental Monitoring Unit worked quickly to rescue an orphaned rhino calf from poachers, a herd of elephants and a pride of lions. The disorientated male calf was found wandering alone on a tourist road in the south of the Kruger National Park.

The calf, who is estimated to be between six and eight months old, was spotted by pure chance by a member of JEMU, the Environmental Monitoring Unit of Jock Safari Lodge, who was on his way to the Concession.

Owned and managed by the non-profit Caleo Foundation, Jock Safari Lodge was the first private concession within the Kruger National Park. Over the past 20 years Jock has worked closely with SANParks in support of various conservation initiatives, including the protection of endangered species such rhinos.

When he was found, the calf was clearly in distress, wandering around on his own just off a main tourist road. Rhino mothers very rarely leave their calves, which indicated that the mother was most likely already dead. The Kruger National Park Regional Ranger was immediately alerted to the baby rhino, who instantly assembled a Reaction Team in a combined effort to save the orphaned calf.

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Source: Getaway