Pangolin given second chance at life

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinarian Hospital is a non-profit organisation dedicated to treating and rehabilitating South Africa’s indigenous animals. This dedicated team of individuals have worked with servals, caracals and genets, as well as snakes, kingfishers and the endangered pangolin.

A pangolin patient named Giya is a testament to the vital work this team do.

‘So little is known about pangolins, and often this makes our treatment of them exceedingly difficult. Giya has been no exception to this,’ wrote Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital in a Facebook post.

There are four pangolin species found in Africa: Temminck’s pangolin (vulnerable), white-bellied pangolin (endangered), giant ground pangolin (endangered) and the black-bellied pangolin (vulnerable).

Pangolins have been driven to near-extinction by poachers who hunt these animals for their meat and scales. In China, pangolin scales are used in traditional medicine and are falsely believed to have healing properties. In Vietnam their meat is considered a delicacy. There are also 4 species of pangolin found throughout Asia: The Chinese, Indian, Sunda and Philippine pangolin.

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Source: Getaway