The Black Mambas: SA’s first all-female anti-poaching unit

The Black Mambas anti-poaching unit work tirelessly, in harsh conditions, to protect South Africa’s wildlife. These patrol officers cover 50,000 hectares of ground within the Balule Nature Reserve that forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park area. This area is densely populated with rhinos and is sadly fraught with poaching activity.

‘The Balule Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park, is home to the largest population of rhino in the world and also is victim to more poaching attacks than any other area,’ says the Helping Rhinos website.

The all-female anti-poaching unit is a first for South Africa. Founded in 2013 by Transfrontier Africa NPC. Originally the unit was created to protect the Olifants West Region of Balule. After the first year their operations expanded to protect all boundaries of Balule. Since its inception the unit have added one male member to their team.

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Source: Getaway