Germany to drop blanket travel warning from October

Germany will drop its blanket travel warning to more than 160 countries and switch to country-specific advice with a ‘traffic light’ system of warnings from October 1.

The German foreign ministry extended the current blanket warning against travel to most countries outside Europe to the end of this month on September 9.

It also announced new travel warnings to parts of Europe, including large areas of France and Croatia and the cities of Prague and Geneva.

Germany currently allows unrestricted entry to travellers from beyond Europe only to a handful of countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Uruguay.

But the German foreign ministry confirmed:  “From October 1, unrestrictedly differentiated travel and safety information for individual countries will apply again.”

At the same time, it will introduce a three-tier or ‘traffic light’ system of travel advice with ‘green for go’, ‘orange for wait’ and ‘red for stop’.

The ministry will continue to advise against all non-essential travel to countries it defines as ‘risk areas’ or ‘red’.

It will also advise against travel to countries where entry is limited, quarantine required or freedom of travel not permitted, designating these destinations ‘orange’.

Only countries with low levels of Covid-19 infection and no travel restrictions will be ‘green’, with travellers advised to “take special care”.

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Source: Travel Weekly