Rescued pangolin gives birth to healthy pangopup

A pregnant pangolin rescued from the hands of poachers arrived in poor condition at the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. She has since given birth to a healthy pangopup.

‘Born to a Temminck’s pangolin retrieved from the illegal wildlife trade by the South African Police Service and the Department of Homeland Security, this little Tot is now 27 days old!’ the hospital wrote on Facebook.

‘On arrival, her mother was highly compromised and CT scans revealed a severe pneumonia, amongst other concerns. We saw that she was pregnant while performing a routine abdominal ultrasound and this perfect pup was born while her mother, Tayta, was still under our care. Still very compromised, the mother was not able to care for her pup adequately nor was she producing enough milk to feed Tot. A decision was made to separate the two, to ensure that we could effectively treat Tayta (up until this point our medical interventions had to be sensitive to her unborn pup), and keep Tot alive too.’

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Source: Getaway