LH reaffirms commitment to SA

Following media reports from Germany that Lufthansa was “drastically reducing” its capacity on the South African routes, the Lufthansa Group has reiterated its commitment to SA.

“South Africa remains an important market for the Lufthansa Group and our aim is to enable freedom of travel and mobility, even during the pandemic, while at the same time ensuring protection of our customers’ health,” said a spokesperson of the group, responding to questions from Travel News’ sister publication, Tourism Update.

Flights from Johannesburg to Zurich will be offered once a week, and from Johannesburg to Frankfurt between four and five times a week. Flights from Cape Town to Frankfurt will also be offered two to three times a week.

The Group said, in general, demand for air travel was expected to remain low in the coming winter months due to the global evolution of the pandemic and the associated travel restrictions.

“The Lufthansa Group will continue to observe the current demand and may adjust routes in the future, if necessary. With the adjustment of the 2020/2021 winter schedule and the reduced use of aircraft, Lufthansa Group airlines will prevent last-minute cancellations as well as fulfil its economic and ecological responsibility.”

Source: Travel News