Travel in a Covid-19 world: Wanderlust Reader Survey November 2020

Wanderlust Magazine surveyed their readers last week to gauge how they were now feeling. The previous reader survey was in July so they were interested to see how attitudes towards travel had changed. Note that this was before the announcement this week of a vaccine, yet the results were still very positive

92% have already travelled since lockdown with 20% going overseas

Almost all see themselves travelling in 2021 – 42% in the Summer and 39% in the Spring

62% will be booking at shorter notice than usual as places open up

44% will still travel even if they have to quarantine

75% are prepared to pay for a test if required

Domestic and short haul lead the way in the short term but long-haul up by 30% from July

Only 16% are feeling cautious about when and where to travel

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Source: Wanderlust