South Africa Announces Campaign For Summer

South African Tourism (SAT) aims to inspire travelers to go out and enjoy their country and summer, differently. Starting in the Northern Cape, the Summer Different convoy will travel through each one of South Africa’s nine provinces to shine a spotlight on some of the most spectacular parts of the country and unearth the hidden gems in every province.   

This is all in an effort to encourage people to go out and discover their country and join a nationwide journey to celebrate South Africa’s rich and diverse landscapes this summer.

“After an incredibly challenging and uncertain year, everything is different, so shouldn’t we all holiday differently, too? We need to refresh travel experiences for people in South Africa, explore the hidden gems, take the road less travelled and go off the beaten track. Nothing is what it used to be. We need to show them a better and different way to experience tourism in the long-term, but most importantly, show them how to do summer differently in the short-term,” says Sisa Ntshona, CEO of South African Tourism.

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Source: Travel Trends Today