Composing a symphony as opposed to selling itineraries

ATTA member Marc Harris, MD of Africa Odyssey in UK, has spent lockdown composing a symphony as opposed to selling itineraries. He reasoned that it couldn’t be that hard – Beethoven did rather well and he was deaf – but the reality is that it has taken over a thousand man hours to get it into a playable state.

In no way does this make up for the decimation of the travel industry, but it might be a ray of hope; that we can all achieve what seems like an impossibility with the right amount of time and dedication

It premiers in Putney on the 2nd July with a superb orchestra and choir assembled mainly from the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall.

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For those who cannot make it, Marc has been kind enough to give us a SNEAK PREVIEW

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Huge congratulations to Marc! We hope some of our London members can join you on 2nd July.