ATTA® Announces Recovery Plan

ATTA®  (The African Travel & Tourism Association) has released details of its post pandemic recovery plan which will see company, board, and staff changes.

ATTA®, a Company limited by Guarantee, formed over 25 years ago, retains its current structure as a pan-African membership association comprised of the buyers, suppliers, and specialists of African tourism. A newly formed company, Experience Africa Events, a wholly owned subsidiary of ATTA®, will provide the platform for the promotion of tourism to Africa.

John Corse, Chair of ATTA explains: “The Pandemic has highlighted the value that many associations can provide and ATTA® is no different. We see that the separation of our remit into its 2 distinct elements will allow greater focus on each and therefore provide members with greater energy on both sides.  We will expand and improve the services, information, lobbying and support for our own members in international source markets and across Africa.  Our signature exhibition, Experience Africa will be held at the London Oval in June and through our new events company, we will enhance our marketing menu to cover all types of virtual and physical events. This will include exhibitions, trade dinners and network gatherings in source markets and across Africa.”

To facilitate this plan, Nigel Vere Nicoll President and Group Managing Director, announces  the following Board appointments and changes:

Kate Kenward ~ Managing Director of the trade association ATTA® Ltd
Kate is currently a consultant and director of the ATTA®’s Management Board and as our new MD will, as a former executive director of the UK based tour operators’ association AITO, bring to ATTA® invaluable experience in membership association management.

Chris Mears ~ Managing Director of Experience Africa Events Ltd
Chris has headed up the ATTA® team for the last four years and has the experience, networking and organisational expertise that will be required to establish our new stand-alone events and networking company within the African tourism community.

Anita Powell ~ Founder of Small World Marketing, and the Africa Hub, has stepped down from ATTA®’s Management Board. As one of ATTA®’s only 3 Fellows, she holds an ex officio place on ATTA®’s Advisory Board and will, as always, continue to contribute to ATTA® with her sound judgment and experience that has so strongly benefitted ATTA®’s membership and management over the years.

John Corse concluded: “ATTA® has a large and diverse membership covering tour operators and professional partners from around the world along with DMCs, accommodation providers, attractions, tourist offices, airlines, NGOs, embassies and other suppliers on the ground across the African continent.  After a turbulent two years, we look forward to the repurposed ATTA and our newly formed Experience Africa Events, leading our members and those in the greater African trade community, towards the re-establishment of our great travel and tourism industry.”


Contact ATTA HQ for further information:
Kate Kenward ( +44 (0) 7501680017
Chris Mears ( +44 (0) 7710306286