EU package directive, it's time for a change

Update on the package directive in light of the upheavals that have hit the travel sector in the last 20 months, focusing above all on the rights of travellers and on the issue of airline insolvency. The six-monthly summit held in Brussels by Ectaa, the European association of continental tour operators and travel agents, of which FTO (Federation of Organised Tourism) is also a member, concluded with a specific request to the European Commission .

During the three Belgian days, the major players in the European tourism sector talked about the need to improve the EU legislation governing the sale of travel and transportation, in particular as regards the rights of travellers, and the need for industry players to find shared standards on passenger protection.

Already a few months ago the European Commission announced its intention to review the Package Travel Directive (PTD) - the directive on travel packages, in fact - currently adopted by the EU.

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Source: L'Agenzia di Viaggi - Italy