ATTA® Member Services Guide 2019 - 2020

ATTA® is a UK registered company limited by Guarantee, run by the Chief Executive from offices in London. The Advisory Board are drawn from the various disciplines of membership in the UK, Europe and Africa including accommodation suppliers, travel operators, aviation, representation companies and media.

  1. Events to grow your business

ATTA® plays a leading role in many major travel trade shows and our events are renowned for their popular networking opportunities and for informative seminars and debates.  

Further information on ATTA® Events Diary online:


ILTM Africa

Cape Town

02 - 04 April


WTM Africa

Cape Town

06 - 08 April




12 - 14 May


We Are Africa

Cape Town

18 - 21 May




05 - 07 June


Experience Africa


22 - 24 June














WTM London




* Dates Subject to Confirmation


Networking Events

Indaba Networking


13 - May


Experience Africa Events including


22 - 24 June


ATTA® MKTE Networking

Nairobi, Kenya



Zanzibar Sundowner Networking




Victoria Falls or Livingstone Sundowner Networking

Victoria Falls or Livingstone



Cape Town Sundowner Networking

Cape Town



WTM London Networking

London, UK



* Dates Subject to Confirmation


Africa Showcase Roadshows in partnership with On Show Solutions

ATTA® Nordics Roadshow

      Denmark, Norway, Sweden

           March                             2020

Africa Showcase in East Africa

      Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania

           April                                2020

Africa Showcase in Russia                                 


           March                             2020

Africa Showcase in the UK & Ireland  

      UK & Ireland  

           June                               2020

Africa Showcase in Australia


           July                                2020

Africa Showcase in the US & Canada

      US & Canada

           September                     2020

Africa Showcase in South East Asia          

      Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

           October                          2020

Africa Showcase in MittelEuropa

      Germany, Switzerland

           November                      2020

Please click here for more information and fill out the expression of interest form.


  1. ATTA® Lobbying - working on your behalf

ATTA® represents its members and African tourism interests at the highest levels, in a continuing dialogue with many tourism ministries, tourist authorities and associations across the African continent and beyond. The President, Nigel Vere Nicoll, represents Africa on various boards including The United Nations Tourism Emergency Response Network and the UK Foreign Office Tourism Advisory Council.

  1. Crisis Management: ATTA® in times of Crisis

ATTA® plays a leading role linking member to media in the event of accidents or emergencies involving tourists in Africa. The national and regional news media consistently contact ATTA® for information on breaking news items affecting tourists in Africa. Working with the tour operator, ground operator and product supplier in Africa and the national tourist board where possible, ATTA® acts in a central role, briefing the news media on behalf of ATTA® members, whilst accumulating and disseminating information so that all parties are reliably informed.

  1. Professional Partners

ATTA® has a variety of professional partners to support your business including insurance services, software, graphic design and trade shows. Professional partners will aim to provide ATTA® members with preferential rates where possible.

  1. Advisors

Dedicated advisors are available, with specialist knowledge in their fields, to members when required. Advice is initially free to members and then charged by arrangement according to requirement.

* Medical

* Legal UK and Africa

* Crisis Management & Insurance

* Human Resources

* Social Media

  1. ATTA® Representatives Worldwide


Lin Yu - Travel World China


Eva Stenmark - Eva Stenmarck Travel Marketing     


Andrea Landaeta - Sariri Terra


  1. ATTA® Newsletter Service

A major role of this association is to channel information and breaking news to you, the membership, through our news Alerts. This service enables members globally to keep abreast of the rapidly changing affairs of tourism. Alerts are distributed via emails in three ways according to priority:

*Daily alerts (low priority) one summary every single day of all ATTA® news, member-specific news, job advertisements, new member introductions and other member’s announcements.

All members news is shared in a weekly digest to ATTA®’s media database.

*Urgent (High Priority) news will be sent separately and marked for your urgent attention, usually about emergencies in Africa.

*Memos are also sent separately containing briefings or more important information from the executive.  These include invitations to networking events and webinars along with the opportunity to exhibit at various trade shows and sponsorship opportunities.

All past news can be found on our website News & Alerts. Please login to see full stories. Do not forget to register your colleagues to receive ATTA® news so that all employees can benefit from the ATTA® membership.

  1. Member profile - Maximising your potential through ATTA® website

Every staff member should have their own unique login details to your ATTA® account. Your profile on the ATTA® website can be easily customised and updated:

7.1. Upload photographs onto your profile

7.2. Post your own job vacancy (for a nominal fee)

7.3. Link your profile directly to, not only your website but also your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn social networking accounts

7.4. Upload news, which goes onto the website, features on the ATTA® homepage and is entered into our daily newsletter.

7.5. Add the names, positions and contact details of each individual linked to your member's profile. These individuals will also receive their own unique login details

7.6. Upload onto your website your membership badge, complete with ATTA® logo and a unique ATTA® membership number which serves as a proof of authorisation and membership.

  1. Member news to a wider audience

ATTA® prepares regular updates to our media contacts and always includes new stories from our members. So please keep submitting them on the website.

We also write bi-monthly newsletters dedicated to the Latin American market and translate them into Spanish and Portuguese by our LA representative. It includes news from the African continent coming from ATTA® and members.

  1. Membership Directory and Database

As a member, you get access to a variety of African products and services to promote your business to. We have an online Membership directory which can be viewed by all. Make sure your contact details are always kept up to date.

  1. ATTA® Logo and Certificate

With our stringent membership selection process, we ensure that all our members are credible; making the internationally recognised ATTA® logo a desirable addition to our member’s marketing collateral. We require that all ATTA® members display a logo on their website and printed material, which shows they are an active member. This can be obtained from your Member dashboard by clicking the link ‘Your membership logo’. The ATTA® Membership Certificate provides a guarantee that your company is a reliable and responsible part of the African tourism industry.


  1. Job Board Service

ATTA® provides a highly niched service, supplying staff to the African tourist industry through our trusted network. ATTA® with its focused database is more likely to secure high quality staff than other recruitment platforms. Our initial target audience is the member’s database containing over 1500 email addresses, the buyers, and suppliers of African product. The final audience could be 2000, as our newsletter is rapidly spread by word and mouth and email throughout our industry across Europe and Africa. It is also public on our Jobs Board page. There is a small nominal fee for this service.

  1. Social Media

ATTA® will follow you on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram ‘like’ and share your interesting stories and may even mention you in some posts. All excellent exposure for your company!

  1. ATTA® Webinar Service

ATTA® Webinar Service gives you the opportunity to share your in-depth destination and product knowledge providing real time training without leaving your office. For a nominal fee, you can tell the story of your product and share your passion with fellow members, agents and home workers, who will then gain the necessary knowledge to sell and promote your lodges, transport, tours or cruises. There is a nominal fee for this service.

  1. Media Requests

ATTA® is constantly working on building relationships with journalists to connect media with members. Watch out for Media Requests in the ATTA® Daily newsletter and respond to the writers with your story material

  1. Advertising Opportunities

An exciting new marketing opportunity is now available exclusively to Atta members. Our popular Atta Daily newsletters reach a daily audience of over 1500 globally-based Africa travel specialists. Within each daily newsletter, there is now the opportunity for just one advertiser to exclusively place their message prominently within the design. Please contact us for different campaign options.

  1. Sponsorship Opportunities

ATTA® exhibition stands and functions are very well attended and we often seek sponsors to support our events. There are numerous opportunities to promote your country and brand to fellow members, media and other industry professionals. As a sponsor, you usually get a listing on the main ATTA® homepage, presentation, complimentary tickets etc.

  1. Member Discounts

As a member of ATTA® , you receive discounted/complimentary entries to ATTA® functions and seminars. You are also entitled to preferential rates at PURE, We Are Africa, ILTM Africa and Experience Africa as well as a discount at Africa Showcase roadshows.

  1. Trade Dinners

ATTA® runs trade dinners in the UK and Europe throughout the year and provide a fantastic opportunity to present your product to a select group of tour operators and travel agents.

Dates and registration open through the year and will be announced in a dedicated memo.

For more details, please click here.


ATTA® Contacts:

President: Nigel Vere Nicoll

Chief Executive: Chris Mears

Membership & Exhibitions Manager: Angela Dizon

56 Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4UB, United Kingdom Tel: +44 20 7937 4408



Facebook: attatourism

Twitter: @atta_tourism