Nomad Tanzania - Brand Manager

Nomad Tanzania is looking for an experienced Brand manager to join their team in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.

Established in 2003, Nomad Tanzania is a multi-award winning safari company and one of Tanzania’s most respected safari pioneers. Our internationally acclaimed safari camps occupy some of the most coveted wilderness locations in Africa and we have a hard- earned reputation for quality and integrity among our extensive global network of trade partners.

This role will see you working closely with the directors and focusing on long term brand and marketing strategy to match our ambitious growth trajectory.

Your job will be to ensure that the full richness of Nomad’s character and ethos is communicated not just to our trade partners, but also direct to clients and the world outside the travel trade. You will need to demonstrate strong analytical and planning skills to gain and leverage customer insights as well as commercial acumen in identifying issues for resolution and opportunities for optimization.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a charismatic and dynamic company dealing with some of the most exciting marketing material you could hope to find.

The Role will involve:

Working with the marketing director and other stakeholders to fully understand the Nomad brand, ethos and current marketing activity across the business.

Analyzing current brand and marketing strategy to understand successful activity as well as highlighting areas of weakness and conflicting messages in current positioning.

Using insight & analysis of existing data from all available sources to create a brand strategy and plan that addresses both trade sales and core client motivation.

Creating strategy documents and plans for all key areas of underlying marketing activity.

Communicating and championing the brand internally making sure it reflects the reality on the ground and that all elements of the company understand the brand and its goals.

Managing the marketing team and third party agencies to ensure all aspects of marketing activity align with the ethos and goals of the brand.

Key Responsibilities

Analysis, Planning, Communication, Management

Work with the marketing director on the following:

Analysis – conduct a thorough review of Nomad’s brand and marketing activity to understand the company’s current positioning, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Work with head of sales using Mojo to identify key customer segments.

Make use of all relevant analytics tools – on and offline - to understand target customer behaviour and to gain insight into motivation across all segments, channels and activities.

Use Mojo and any relevant financial information to understand sales activity across customer segments and to identify key performance indicators, motivation and behavior patterns for each.

Planning - Work with directors to develop, communicate and implement a three year brand and marketing strategy. Ensure all aspects of the company’s marketing and activities align with the ethos and goals of the brand.

Working with the relevant HODs, develop clear sub plans for all key areas of activity

  • Website
  • Social media
  • PR
  • Nomad Trust
  • Events
  • Fam trips, trade shows, trade visits
  • Direct mail / in-camp collateral
  • Video and photography
  • Review platforms
  • Merchandise

Communication - Champion the brand internally making sure all elements of the company understand the brand and its goals. Work closely with all parts of the company to ensure commercial goals of the brand are met.

Develop and sustain strong working relationships with all stakeholders.

Oversee the development of high quality and effective marketing materials that align correctly with the overall brand strategy.

Report regularly to the senior management team.

Management - oversee all on-going marketing activity within the company

If you are interested in applying please email:

Tara Walraven -