Fundu Lagoon requires a General Manager

FUNDU LAGOON – Pemba, Zanzibar

Fundu Lagoon requires a General Manager who is available to start working with us from 1st June 2019.  Previous experience of working in a similar role for at least 4 years is essential.  Applicants should have good written and spoken English, and ideally they should be fluent in Swahili or have a good working knowledge of the language.

This mature and experienced broad-based business manager will be able to manage

the running of an organisation with logistical infrastructural challenges, operate in a remote environment, handle political and public relations, and deploy cultural sensitivity.  He/she must also be able to relate to a wide range of guests who expect a unique holiday experience.

The key elements of the role are as follows:

  • The ability to direct all the operations of the resort.


  • To ensure that the resort follows strict Health & Safety Guidelines; this includes the ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency of staff situation, and ensure that all appropriate codes are adhered to; and the management of all employees so that they are fully trained in safety procedures.


  • The ability to monitor and review the daily revenue report, the daily labour report and the monthly profit and loss statement, and the ability to analyse results on a regular basis and take action to improve results where necessary; this includes a departmental overview of all departments.


  • The ability to monitor and manage all areas in the hotel to ensure that the highest possible standards are achieved and maintained in all departments.


  • The ability to control all capital expenditure and ensure that the proper financial guidelines and systems are correctly adhered to.


  • The ability to ensure that the resort is well maintained from all points of view; this includes all areas of the hotel's infrastructure. management of weekly maintenance programme of the hotel team.


  • The ability to ensure that all areas are well staffed to handle demand periods and that all heads of departments and staff are well trained, well presented, polite, and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times; this includes managing all of the resort's employees, their salaries, job descriptions, training, contracts, benefits, promotion, discipline, and dismissal procedures;


  • Manage recruitment and succession planning across all departments; the management of the Kitchen working alongside the Head Chef with      consultation from the Financial Controller, including choosing menus, training chefs, pricing plates, portion and quality control, food presentation and the arrangement of special menus.


  • The ability to maintain a good ownership relationship and participate in owner's meetings; including the ability to improve the speed and direction of decisions by clarifying and setting goals and procedures, sharing perspectives on reality, identifying options and creating a consensus on a way forward, subject to the approval of the Directors.


  • The ability to achieve customer satisfaction; as the representative of the Directors, he/she has the ultimate responsibility and authority over all guest issues and is the contact for all key visiting agents; manage and maintain the product offering and reputation of the hotel.


  • The ability to manage local PR; this includes managing sponsorships of charity and cultural events, advertising in local magazines, supply TV/newspaper interviews, write editorials on sustainable tourism, manage applications for hotel industry awards


  • The ability to develop initiative approaches and imaginative solutions that meet

          real needs.

Please send your c.v. and photograph to

The closing date for applications is 15th May 2019.