Networking Events & Seminars

Networking Events Include

  • Social Gatherings is
    • UK
    • Europe
    • Africa
  • Seminars in:
    • UK
    • Africa

These events allow members to establish relationships with their counterparts across the industry, connecting the wide membership in UK, Africa and Beyond

Annual Networking Functions

Atta Winter Networking Event London February
Atta ITB Berlin Networking Event Berlin March
Atta Indaba Networking Event Durban May 
Atta East Africa Networking Event Arusha, Tanzania May 
Atta Regatta Summer Event London June
Atta East Africa MKTE Networking Event Nairobi October
Atta WTM Networking Event London November 
Atta Cape Town Networking Event  Cape Town December
Atta Johannesburg Networking Event Johannesburg December 

More information including details and registration for networking events can be found on our Events Page

Non Members are restricted to attending one networking event per membership year and must be an invited guest of a fully paid up member or at the discretion of an Atta Director.