On Show Solutions are ATTA®'s official roadshow partners for the annual Africa Showcase. With a proud tradition of promoting travel to Africa, Africa Showcase is dedicated to the evolution and growth of travel and tourism to the regions and products we feature throughout the year on our various global roadshows.

A passionate and dedicated team build regular roadshows that educate travel trade specialists and provide a deeper insight into source markets, all the while furthering your business objectives as a travel business.

Year-round roadshows and events focus on the culture, heritage and experience of the destinations on offer, educating and entertaining both suppliers and attendees.

Suppliers are also provided access to a wealth of resources detailing market insights and the strategic management of marketing and sales within the selected target markets of Africa Showcase.

Africa Showcase Roadshows in Partnership with On Show Solutions:

Roadshow Locations Dates
North America San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto 09 - 16 September 2020
UK & Ireland Dublin Manchester, London 19 - 23 October 2020
Southeast Asia Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore 26 - 30 October 2020
Mittleuropa Zurich, Hamburg, Munich 09 - 13 November 2020
Australia Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne 29 November - 04 December 2020
Southern Europe TBA February 2021
Nordics TBA March 2021
Central & Eastern Europe TBA June 2021
UK & Ireland TBA June 2021
Australia TBA July 2021
North America TBA September 2021
Southeast Asia TBA October 2021
Mittleuropa TBA November 2021

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