Saruni Rhino a Year On: The Secrets of a Northern Kenya Success Story

A year after opening Saruni Rhino, the property in Sera Conservancy, Northern Kenya, that is the first in East Africa to offer black rhino on foot tracking, the property and its portfolio of other Saruni lodges are ready to enter a new phase.

The success of this community-based extraordinary project has been celebrated in many medias. To accommodate the growing demand a third “banda”, a large family house with 4 beds, has been built, right in front of the very busy waterhole. A pool has also been inaugurated. The rhino population of 11 is thriving and new-born are expected soon.

The Samburu community who owns Sera Conservancy are enthusiastically involved in the protection of the rhinos and the other wildlife that are in the 54,000-hectares sanctuary and in the broader 350,000-hectares conservancy, demonstrating that when the community and the landowners believe in the benefits of wildlife the future can be bright. In this webinar we are sharing the new images of the third banda and we are presenting the first results of one of the most innovative safari properties in the region.

This webinar is presented by Riccardo Orizio, CEO & Founder of Saruni