Pangolin Chobe Hotel - the only way to see this iconic destination

Chobe has a reputation for being a bit busy and a bit mass market and it can be…..if you do it wrong! At Pangolin we make the most of what we consider to be Africa’s best all year round photo destination while maintaining a sense of exclusivity. Our signature photographic activities are well known but don't think it's just for the hardened pro snappers. In the first year of operation less than a third of guests have arrived with their own gear in the knowledge that we will supply all the gear and tuition they need.

This webinar will is presented by Toby Jermyn who is one of the partners at Pangolin Photo Safaris. He heads up the Sales and Marketing department from the reservations office in Cape Town. Originally from the UK, Toby has called South Africa his home for the last 23 years. He formed Pangolin Photo Safaris, with his business partner Gerhard “Guts” Swanepoel in 2011 in the belief that everyone is a photographer or at least has the capacity to be, if given the right tools, tuition and opportunity. 

Pangolin has grown from strength to strength and we now add the Pangolin Chobe Hotel to the sister properties The Pangolin Voyager and Pangolin Mobile Camp.