JW Seagon - Why is it so important to have a robust General Insurance policy for your business?

The webinar will be an insight into the needs of those working in the tourism industry to have adequate and comprehensive insurance. It will not be a technical or legal insight, and we promise not to bore you with insurance jargon! We will provide examples of claims that we have dealt with, plus those that we have heard about, to highlight situations that may occur and the duty of care the industry has when it comes to customers and guests. We highly recommend you joining and will be happy to help you with any insurance related questions and concerns.

The webinar is presented by Jeremy Clayton, JW Seagon Group Head of General Broking. He has nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, with 25 of those in the UK owning and running a top 50 brokerage. He has brought his ideas, experience and most importantly unique insurance products to the region and changed the way insurance policies are written in East Africa. His technical knowledge of General Insurance is vast, and he has hands on experience with every type of risk and potential risk the industry might come across.