Natural Selection: Jack's Camp - iconic camp to be rebuilt and will reopen in May 2020

The iconic Jack’s Camp in the Makgadikgadi, Botswana is to be rebuilt and will reopen with a luxurious new look in May 2020 to celebrate the camp’s 25th anniversary. Jack’s Camp is a pioneer. The camp trail-blazed safaris in the harsh but beautiful Makgadikgadi region of Botswana 25 years ago and is still the only operator for almost 100 miles. The safari experience at Jack’s is unique. At first sight the lunar-like salt pans appear devoid of life, but in the hands of the knowledgeable camp guides the story of the Makgadikgadi begins to unfold. Whether it’s quad biking out into the remnants of the super lake, hunting for stone tools in the crusty salt flats or seeing the world through the eyes of the Bushmen, this is a safari where the focus is on learning, appreciating and being humbled by a vast landscape.

This webinar is presented by owner and founder, Ralph Bousfield, whose father pioneered safaris into the Makgadikgadi over half a century ago. Learn more about this magical part of Botswana and hear about all of the exciting new updates.

Ralph Bousfield comes from a long line of African pioneers and adventurers; he went on his first safari at the age of three. His family has guided safaris for five generations. Ralph’s passion for the Kalahari began at a very young age; he was lucky to have one of the greatest teachers and mentors, his father, Jack Bousfield, who came to Bechuanaland from Tanganyika in 1962. Having grown up on safari, and having hunted as a professional his whole life, Jack worked with some of the greatest traditional hunters and trackers in Africa. His respect for the Bushmen as trackers was obviously going to rub off on Ralph, and from a very young age, had the good fortune of spending all of his free time on safari with his father and his team. It is very rare nowadays to have an authentic "experience" in travel. The combination of human and wildlife interaction is for Ralph, the most interesting aspect of being on safari, as it reflects our true position in the natural order of life.