Borana Lodge & Conservancy - using tourism to fund conservation

Borana Conservancy is a 32,000 acre private conservation area hailed by Save The Rhino International as ‘Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary’. In 2013, a founding population of black rhino were introduced to Borana and the population has since thrived. Once settled, Borana and the neighboring Lewa Wildlife Conservancy dropped their fences to form the Lewa-Borana Landscape (LBL), the largest contiguous rhino habitat in East Africa which spans 92,000 acres. The LBL currently hosts 12% (105) and 14% (98) of Kenya’s black and white rhino stocks respectively.

Borana’s unique conservation model commits all retained earnings from tourism and other commercial enterprises to the sustainable conservation of wildlife, it’s habitat and building local livelihoods. All proceeds from Borana Lodge are invested into a wide range of conservation efforts such as a mobile clinic, an education support programme, along with the training and welfare of 115 wildlife rangers.

Borana Lodge is an exclusive eco-lodge at the center of Borana Conservancy. Eight unique thatched cottages dot the hillside with panoramic views throughout.

Join us to discover more about our journey to sustainability and the guest experiences which make Borana Lodge unique. This truly is travelling with a purpose.

This webinar is presented by Eloise Best, who has lived and worked on Borana Conservancy for the last five years, giving her great knowledge of this wonderful part of Kenya. Eloise managed Borana Lodge for two years and now oversees the marketing for both Borana Lodge and the Conservancy.

Eloise also oversees the marketing for Lengishu, a new exclusive use property on Borana Conservancy which will be presented in a webinar on Thursday 5th December. We recommend tuning in to both webinars in order to have a full understanding of Borana Conservancy and the variety of experiences which are available.