Community & Conservation Safari, adding value & meaning to guest experiences with African Bush Camps

The season of giving and reflecting on the past year is upon us. African Bush Camps invites you to join us as we dive into our community and conservation relationships and highlight the importance and impact a conscious traveller can make towards sharing and conserving Africa together. Walk with the African Bush Camps team as we explore the intricacies of conservation and illustrate how guests can actively participate and understand the need and benefits of the work being undertaken by African Bush Camps Foundation. Join us on our Community and Conservation Safari, as we empower one another through enriching experiences.

This webinar is presented by Karl Parkinson. An established partnerships manager within the African Bush Camps team Karl prides himself in his trade knowledge with 20 years of experience in the safari and hotel industry. He takes an authentic, caring approach to the culture of the African Bush Camps product and looks forward to enriching agents and guest knowledge of and relationship with the African Bush Camps family.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.