Introducing Lengishu - the new exclusive use property on Borana Conservancy

Lengishu is an exclusive use family home at the heart of the Borana Conservancy in Northern Kenya, the country’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary. Offering accommodation for up to 12 guests, Lengishu combines a leading wildlife destination with a sustainable ethos and locally sourced and inspired design.

Lengishu is nestled quietly into a ridgeline offering stunning views across Borana, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and deep into Kenya’s Northern Frontier. Stone for the floors and design features were excavated from the site itself, earth from the site clads the walls and the exposed timber-work was all sourced locally.

Lengishu is focused on sustainability, making as small a footprint as possible on this unique and diverse part of Kenya.

This webinar will be presented by Sophie Holloway. Sophie was formerly at the Kenya Tourism Board, where she managed trade relations in the UK and Ireland. She has since joined The PC Agency who provide trade representation and PR services for Lengishu in the UK.