Past Webinars

31 May 2019

Visit Rwanda - A Realm of Adventure

Rwanda has been largely known for the world famous mountain gorillas. And now there is so much more... Its spectacular landscapes are also full of world-class adventures including: mountain climbing, kayaking journeys on Lake Kivu; canoeing on beautiful rivers abundant with birds; mountain biking on trails that crisscross the landscape; walks through the countryside and hikes to the summits of the Karisimbi and Bisoke Volcanoes. Rwanda is a truly unique and must see adventure destination!

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28 May 2019

Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe’s Seasonality – Dry vs Green Benefits

Wilderness Safaris

Seasons are historically cut into 2 in Zimbabwe – Green vs Dry, especially in Hwange National Park. People often rush to book the dry season resulting in lack of space, elevated rates and frustrations. However, the green season has so much to offer but is seldom talked about. Why visit in the green season? Why is it beneficial not only to the pocket but also to the guests experience? We are wanting to change the myth on the green season and make the question, why wouldn’t one travel in the green season if they had the chance?

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09 May 2019

Volcanoes Safaris: Re-imagining Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Volcanoes Safaris

In 2017 Volcanoes Safaris launched a strategic program to re-imagine all aspects of the 4 luxury lodges: design, style, the guest experience, food and service, lodge and safari activities, and guest participation in community and conservation projects. This program has required significant investment and has already seen a major transformation of our lodges, which is due to be completed by 2020. This webinar is a chance to learn about the beautifully upgraded Kyambura Gorge Lodge, the ideal starting point to track the Endangered Chimpanzees in the sunken Gorge, and the activities developed by the Kyambura Gorge Eco-Tourism Project.

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