ATTA® Webinar - Kenya: The Ultimate Adventure Destination

This is an online only event/webinar
December 3rd 2020

For some, the idea of a perfect holiday might be relaxing by the beach or soothing by the pool. But for many, a holiday isn’t complete without a healthy dose of adventure.

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that is as exciting as it is beautiful, you’ll find no better choice than the magical Kenya.

Its natural beauty and diverse landscapes mean there is excitement around every corner, whether you’re looking to explore the land, discover the seas, or take to the skies.

If you’re always striving to reach new heights both mentally and physically, you’ll soon discover what makes Kenya such a popular adventure destination.

Come and re-discover the magic.

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This is an online only event/webinar

ATTA® Webinar - Kenya: The Ultimate Adventure Destination

James Savage Managing Director

Savage Wilderness Safaris


On my 9th birthday my father started rafting in Kenya, he did the first decent of the Athi River.

Since then I have had a passion for outdoor activities,  rafting and kayaking in particular.

Growing up in Kenya and going on every possible adventure with my father lead me to go to University in the UK to studied at Liverpool John Moores I graduated in 2002 in outdoor and environmental education.

While in the UK and since then I have gained Several international mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking and mountain biking qualifications. I climbed Mt Kenya when he was 5 years old summiting Lenana.

I have since climbed Mt Kenya over 150 times. I have rafted/kayaked over 1500km of first descents on Kenyan rivers. In 2018 I organised and lead a 75 day 6500Km cycling expedition from Nairobi to Cape town called African Spokes.

To say outdoor adventure activities have shaped my life would be putting it lightly, I hope that my children will get as much form the outdoor as I have.