ATTA® Webinar Trekking and Climbing on Mt Kenya

This is an online only event/webinar
July 16th 2020

Trekking options on Mt Kenya along with other various safari extensions and add ons.

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This is an online only event/webinar

ATTA® Webinar Trekking and Climbing on Mt Kenya

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Julian Wright
Julian M Wright Director/Mountain and Safari Guide @African Ascents

Phone: +254 (0) 711735100

Julian Wright is a highly experience safari guide, rock climber and mountaineer. This passion began at the early age of 14 and has resulted in a Mountaineering guiding career.

Julian’s Climbing career was nurtured from an early age whilst at school in South Africa. The four years of school comprised daily climbing trips to the local crag and weekend trips to some of the Eastern Cape’s finest rock climbing sites and wilderness areas. Mentored and trained by well-known South African climber Keith James, Julian was inspired to take on Kenya’s ultimate challenge, Mt Kenya’s highest peak, point Batian 5199m.

Returning back to Kenya after graduating from Kingswood College, at the age of 17, Julian proceeded straight up the Mountain with a good friend and mentor James Kagembi.  Summiting Mt Kenya’s second highest peak point Nelion 5188m, in four hours.

Julian has been guiding on Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro, both trekking and technical climbing, as a freelance Guide for Tropical ice, Rift Valley Adventures, Savage Wilderness and All Hands on Everest.

Further guiding has been done in South Africa for a several companies around Table Mountain, the Sneu Bergh Mountains as well as several game parks in the North Eastern part of South Africa.

Julian has lead a countless number of expeditions to the technical alpine summit of Nelion and Batian via both the South East Ridge and North face routes. And recently climbed the 680 meter long “Diamond Couloir’ route, on the South Side of Mt Kenya, a route that was last climbed in 2005. The story was published in a number of different climbing magazines such as UK Climbing, The Alpinist and Rock and Ice magazine.

Mountaineering and climbing is a true passion, taking Julian’s experiences all around the world, climbing routes all over Kenya, South Africa, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, the Alps, Himalayas and South East Asia.