Tell a compelling story of your product and share your passion with fellow members, agents and home workers, who will then gain the necessary knowledge to sell your lodges, transport, tours or cruises. This exciting service gives our members the opportunity to share their in-depth destination and product knowledge with those who wish to promote African destinations.

All upcoming webinars are listed on our Events Page

Webinars focus on different African destinations and are held at 14:00 UK time on Thursdays with recordings available shortly after live sessions.

The recordings of all past webinars are available here:

Train with ATTA® Webinars:

  1. Presentation duration 15/20 min plus 5/10 min Q&A session
  2. Multiple webinar invitations marketed to leading travel specialists, product suppliers, representation and management companies, media in Africa, Europe and the rest of the world
  3. Additional webinar promotion through ATTA®’s social media channels and events calendar
  4. Webinar registration link available for your own contacts
  5. Webinar presentation with your branding
  6. A list of all registrants and attendees with their details provided after your live session
  7. Recorded webinar link available for your further marketing which is also shared on ATTA®'s website and YouTube channel
  8. Price for a basic webinar package £180 (+VAT UK Based)

To register your interest, please email info@atta.travel - with the topic you would like to present. We will then get back to you with proposed dates and more information how to proceed.


Hear from fellow members on their ATTA® webinar experience:

Birgit Bekker, Ultimate Safaris Namibia: Facilitating a webinar through the ATTA® forum has been very effective for us. Chris managed the technical aspects, arranged the invites and guided me on what is expected. He gave me a training session a couple of days before the live webinar to make sure everything’s running smoothly. We were also able to invite other partners of ours to listen in, even if they were not ATTA® members. Chris managed the questions and attended to any tech issues that occurred during the webinar, so that I could focus solely on my presentation. The recording of the presentation was pretty much available within a day to those who registered but were not able to listen to the live webinar, increasing our reach through this option impressively. This has been a great marketing and sales tool for us and we will certainly make use of this platform again.

Riccardo Orizio, Saruni: The webinar was excellent: very useful, many new contacts, very well organized both before and after it happened. We'll be doing it again!

Mohanjeet Brar of Gamewachers Safaris with Nairobi Tented Camp: I found the webinar to be very useful and we had a lot of good feedback from it and possibly even an agent coming now on a FAM trip to Nairobi Tented Camp. I also found having the pre-recorded message to be very useful.

Helen Simmans, Marketing Worldwide (representing the Nairobi Tented Camp in the UK; a webinar presenter): I have certainly received some very nice comments and believe that it has raised awareness of Nairobi Tented Camp and given agents ideas on how it can be included in an itinerary, I know of several UK agents that have included the Camp in live enquires. We are going to put it on our Marketing Worldwide website so that other UK agents have the opportunity to view. It was very professionally run and I am suggesting we do it again.

Alex Walters, Great Plains Conservation: The ATTA® webinar service is really fantastic. In two webinars I've been able to reach out to nearly 300 registered users from all over the world directly through ATTA®, of which over 100 listened live. I was then able to use the recorded webinars to mail out to our databases to reach even more, now and in the future. I will certainly use these webinars again, perhaps every six months or so. Great value for money and brilliantly organised by ATTA®.

Shelley Cox, African Bush Camps: It went really well and we have had a good response so far.

Alan McLellan, Ulendo Safaris: It’s a well organised webinar and would like to do another one some time.