Kitich Forest Camp

Kitich Forest Camp is a unique safari destination; six comfortable tents in the middle of pristine forest, a low key classic. Kitich has been guarding the forest and protecting the elephants for over 40 years, with a dedicated following of safari-goers "in the know".

Activities are centered around walking in the forest with Samburu guides, watching elephants on foot, and swimming in the cool crystal clear rock pools. We are welcoming a growing number of millennials that want variety within their safari, want to get out of the car and on the trail, and are looking for unique authentic experiences.

Our webinar is about Kitich Forest Camp, including recent news and upgrades, and how to include it within a safari itinerary.

This webinar is presented by Stefano Cheli, the owner of Kitich Forest Camp and also an Atta Advisory Board member. He has loved Kitich since the early 80s, and has owned the camp since 2009.