Saruni Rhino 3 years on - Why it keeps surprising Kenya!

Saruni Rhino is a property in Northern Kenya that is the first in East Africa to offer black rhino tracking on-foot. Three years after opening, this experiment in community-based conservation keeps amazing the Kenya tourism scene.

After the launch of a 3rd ‘banda’, a large family house with 4 beds, right in front of a very busy waterhole, and after the launch of its pool, it is the rhino population that keeps growing. The 54,000 hectares-large sanctuary within the broader 350,000 hectares-large Sera conservancy, started with 10 rhino and now has 16 (10 adults & 6 calves). There have been no losses. More species have been translocated into this safe haven.

The Samburu community who own Sera Conservancy are enthusiastically involved in the protection of the rhinos and the other wildlife demonstrating that when the community and the landowners believe in the benefits of wildlife the future can be bright. In this webinar we are sharing the news and the secrets behind this extraordinary success story.

The webinar is presented by Riccardo Orizio, CEO and founder of Saruni. Born in Italy in 1961, Riccardo is a reporter, author, safari guide and conservationist. As a foreign correspondent for the Italian daily newspapers ‘Corriere della Sera’ and ‘La Repubblica’ and for CNN, in his “first life” Riccardo has covered war, peace and some of what happens in between. From 2003 to 2014 he lived in the Kenyan bush surrounded by wildlife and dramatic landscapes. In 2003 he founded and since then co-owns the safari properties Saruni Mara, Saruni Wild, Saruni Samburu & Saruni Rhino. His first book, "Lost White Tribes - Journeys among the Forgotten", was published in London in 2000, followed by Dutch, Italian, American and Turkish editions. His second book, based on interviews with deposed and disgraced dictators, is entitled “Talk of the Devil” and has been published in 2002 and 2003 in several countries, including Italy, USA, Great Britain, Japan, Holland, Spain.