ATTA® Webinar Recording: Do you need an app? 7 things to consider

The Vamoos App helps travel companies transform their client’s entire experience, from the moment they book to after they return home. We’ve seen the increasing need for companies in the industry to be more digital, and especially now where technology has played a massive role in enabling people to work and run their businesses during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever.

As experts in travel technology, this webinar aims to shed some light on the use of apps in travel and will help you understand if your travel company needs one. We’ll cover:

  • the costs that are associated with developing an app vs buying an existing platform
  • how much IT knowledge you need to have to make an informed decision
  • how to calculate your ROI for an app
  • what apps are available to you.

Presenter name and bio: Milly Morris, Marketing Manager at Vamoos, helps travel companies see the value and commercial advantages of creating amazing experiences for their clients using technology.