Past Webinars

26 February 2020

Saruni Rhino 3 years on - Why it keeps surprising Kenya!


Saruni Rhino is a property in Northern Kenya that is the first in East Africa to offer black rhino tracking on-foot. Three years after opening, this experiment in community-based conservation keeps amazing the Kenya tourism scene. After the launch of a 3rd ‘banda’, a large family house with 4 beds, right in front of a very busy waterhole, and after the launch of its pool, it is the rhino population that keeps growing. The 54,000 hectares-large sanctuary within the broader 350,000 hectares-large Sera conservancy, started with 10 rhino and now has 16 (10 adults & 6 calves). There have been no losses. More species have been translocated into this safe haven.

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