New Year, New Look at Giraffe Manor

We are incredibly excited to welcome the New Year with a fresh, new look at Giraffe Manor. The manor’s two breakfast rooms (potentially the most photographed rooms this side of the Sahara) have had a bit of a ‘face-lift’ and are looking, if we do say so ourselves, picture perfect and more Insta-ready than ever. We know that for our guests, capturing the perfect, most unique Giraffe Manor moment has virtually become a cult-like quest so we thought we’d kick off 2018 by providing a new backdrop against which some of the world’s most fun photos are taken.

The main manor sunroom has bid a fond farewell to its minty green backdrop in favour of an earthy tobacco tone, inspired by the warmth of Kenya and the intangible sense of all things ‘safari’. It is proving to be a wonderfully complimentary colour against which our long-necked furry friends look, frankly, fabulous! The Garden Manor dining room has also been given a boost of brightness to help guests capture their perfect Giraffe Manor moments with the addition of some grand & gorgeous light-reflecting mirrors as well extra electric down lighting. Read more on our new look story here.