Coastal - Increased Capacity and Removal of Fast Class Surcharge


Dar-Es-Salaam – 14.05.18


Coastal is thrilled to introduce an additional 4 aircrafts to our large fleet, ready to take off for the upcoming high season.

The expansion of fleet will add 17% capacity to our network that will in turn result to more availability for guests and a larger capacity, also adding revenue to our partner’s by offering them more opportunity to sell last-minutes and solidifying our domestic reach.

“With this, we aim to reinforce our East African connections and also add more frequencies on our most populous routes”, said Coastal’s Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Prophet


Coastal’s core priority is honesty & transparency to our customers, thus the introduction to the same fare across our network irrespective of which type of equipment you book
traveling on within our scheduled services. This allows for a reduction in complexity, a clear & cleaner vision underscoring Coastal’s Easy-To-Do-Business persona.

“This venture is designed to provide enhanced value to our customers,” said Robert Prophet, Chief Commercial Officer of Coastal.

Coastal Aviation is a renowned Tourism Aviation company headquartered in Dar-Es-Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. With over 30 years of experience, Coastal Aviation is recognized for it’s extensive flying safari network, reaching 44 destinations, and capable of accessing the remotest parts of the country where no roads have reached or will possibly ever do so. We look forward to a fruitful season and wish all our guests a Safari Njema!