Sarova Stanley's Thorn Tree Cafe launches new menu

The Thorn Tree Restaurant at Sarova Stanley is eyeing a piece of the growing urbanite middle class interested in experiencing great culinary adventures, with the revamp of its menu that embodies a smart eclectic cuisine, creatively designed and presented plates using pleasing colour effects and at the same time offering balanced meals.

Sarova Hotels Managing Director Jimi Kariuki says the revamped menu exemplifies the restaurant’s passion in food and beverage, which is an important aspect of guest experience at all the Sarova properties.

The wide selection on the menu presents a balance between classic and innovative in its approach towards beverage and culinary offerings. It offers a selection of the highest quality locally sourced fresh produce to enhance flavour and texture.

Some of the dishes on the menu include Oak-fired certified Angus beef fillet medallions topped with ricotta stuffed Portobello mushroom over mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and the pan-seared duck breast and confit leg, both from the meat section. For sea food delicacies, the choices include the red snapper Zanzibari, and the Cajun grilled jumbo prawns on skewer.

The Thorn Tree Restaurant is situated at the very same place where a Naivasha Acacia Thorn Tree that was a landmark at a cross road between two trading routes existing before Nairobi was established. The tree was used as the first ‘post office’ by pinning on the trunk, messages for fellow travellers.