Morukuru Family Launch New ‘Safaris With A Purpose’ On World Rhino Day

Morukuru family join wildlife lovers around the world to mark World Rhino Day (22nd September) by launching their very first ‘Safari with a Purpose’ programme in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa.

Morukuru Family welcomes you to ‘Safari with Purpose’, a uniquely crafted safari experience like no other.   You and your family can give back to nature conservation and the local community during your stay and gain a first-hand insight into some of the great work being done in the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Through their Morukuru Goodwill Foundation, a new 3-day programme has been designed exclusively for Morukuru guests working closely with the Parks Board and local community to offer families and groups a life changing (and affordable) safari experience.

The programme’s primary focus is on supporting Rhino protection, but they also assist with various other (costly) conservation efforts such as collaring Elephant Lion & Cheetah collaring, Lion contraception and Rhino notching/chipping which includes the use of a helicopter and a large team of experts. All guests (even the smaller ones) are able to have hands-on experience and gain a deeper connection with these conservation efforts providing a positive influence for future generations.

As well as critical conservation support work, guests will spend time learning from our leading researchers in the field, visit the local communities, facilitate interactive projects in our local school and along the way enjoy intimate bush breakfasts and wildlife filled game drives.

“We have been welcoming guests into our exclusive-use houses in the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve for over a decade” says Rinse Wassenaar, Marketing Manager for Morukuru Family.  “Most guests are particularly interested in ‘giving back’ so we created our ‘Safaris with a Purpose’ to offer the opportunity for them to contribute both financially and practically to conservation and communities, providing an enriching family or group experience.”

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