2nd Kamageo magazine set for launch

Leading African destination marketing agency, Kamageo, is launching a 2nd magazine later this year to be called 'BEACH & BEYOND".

With the on-going success of "SAFARI" magazine (now in its 35th edition), Kamageo realised that certain African locations and destinations didn't quite fit within that title and therefore a second publication was required.

Chief Executive, Tim Henshall explained, "Kamageo is now working with Zanzibar, the Tanzanian coast, Sierra Leone, even huge lakes such as Malawi and Tanganyika. We wanted to provide a more focused approach and of course add in all those tour operators who are more beach rather than safari orientated. But we will be venturing far from the beach to show just what else can be enjoyed in our destinations. We see no reason why certain locations shouldn't feature in both titles, if appropriate". Any new business gains by Kamageo will automatically be included in either or both of these titles.

BEACH & BEYOND will maintain Kamageo's strategy to include no paid for advertising, with editorial control staying in house. Kamageo will source content, design, artwork and despatch the magazines. Only the printing is done externally.