Explorers against Extinction to help safeguard the world’s tallest mammal

Explorers against Extinction (EAE) is pleased to announce that it will be supporting the work of Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) in Uganda through its 2019 initiatives.

EAE has pledged funds towards the translocation of critically endangered Nubian Giraffe from Murchison Falls to picturesque Pian Upe in the north-east of Uganda. Re-introduction of iconic species such as giraffe to the reserve will also help to bolster eco-tourism in this region, which includes neighbouring Kidepo.

EAE is organised annually by UK based conservation charity the Real World Conservation Trust. The focus of the campaign is to raise awareness as well as funds to protect threatened wildlife and wild spaces. 

GCF, working closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority, plan to move more than a dozen Nubian Giraffe to Pian Upe later this year, to establish a viable, free-ranging population. Moving giraffe is an expensive and complicated process. As Sara White, EAE Trustee says:  “I cannot imagine an African landscape without giraffe. GCF is the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe and we are pleased to be able to assist, by contributing to this particular project. We hope to cover the cost of moving a pair of Nubian Giraffe to Pian Upe while also raising significant awareness about the threats facing this iconic species”.

EAE’s efforts will be supported by Tourism Uganda UK through a series of events and exhibitions this autumn.

Find out more at Real Africa.