Coastal Celebrates World Tourism Day

Coastal is honoured to have been integral to the development of ecological and sustainable tourism in Tanzania.

The Flying Safari Company believes, Safari, no matter how long or short, has always resulted in adventure, an element of chance and a potentially volatile itinerary to capture the most amazingly unique experiences up close and first-hand. Safari flying has eradicated the barriers of long distances, hostile weather and an absence of roads or bridges, to make travelling in Africa some of the most intrepid and magical experiences of a lifetime.

This year, Coastal Aviation is proud to be celebrating 32 years of operation, having pioneered a flying safari network capable of accessing some of the most remote parts of Tanzania and East Africa. Celebrated parks, previously only the domain of National Geographic photographers, have become accessible to more and more people.

Coastal has made it possible for customers to view some of the most majestic animals in the
world, amongst their habitats.

Coastal Aviation has been driven by the passion to offer its customers nothing short of a unique safari experience, and through its ever-expanding route network, has made the impossible possible.

It has grown into a network, soaring across the skies and reaching out across Africa to a multitude of customer destinations. From a single aircraft charter operator, Coastal has grown to make it easier for more customers to experience these wonders by becoming an almost scheduled passenger airline operator, earning the accolade as the leading Safari Aviation Company in Tanzania.

With the insatiable appetite for such safari travel but with more intimacy, Coastal created a product for the more discerning passengers looking for even more well-appointed and exclusive packages.

Coastal’s private charter division offers guests a tailor-made VIP and luxurious experience, creating bespoke and off the beaten track itineraries for these most intrepid travellers. With the fine craftsmanship of the Pilatus PC12 aircraft, our guests get the chance to fly in opulent style and comfort. The pressurized cabin allows for a faster jet- like journey with no unnecessary intermediate stops, complimented with some light refreshments.

This responsibility is not taken lightly. Coastal continues to evolve and reinforce its safety culture. Coastal is now a year into being the only MCC-operator in this category of aircraft operation. MCC (Multi Crew Coordination) was a paradigm shift where 2-crew members, through rigorous and sustained training and assessment, work together as a team to promote safety in the cockpit. The crews have normalized with working in this new standard, and customers will feel reassured that much like the major international airlines, there are two professionally trained pilots operating the aircraft. This major initiative continues to reset the standards of Safari flying in Tanzania. But that is merely the beginning, a preliminary step on an ongoing journey to bring better and better safety and
operational standards to safari flying.

Coastal continues to set the pace and recently introduced the initiative of Flying Green, as they embarked on the journey to reduce the effects of an industry that is notoriously not environment conscious. Dixita Patel, Marketing Executive remarked “We believe in playing our part to be the change we wish to see in the world. Flying in a more sustainable way by reducing single use plastic water bottles, offsetting carbon emission and planting trees.” Reduce, reuse, recycle is the Coastal strap line in their green campaign. Patel goes on to comment that “No action is simply not an option anymore. We do need technology breakthroughs to make the biggest changes, but in the meantime, we are proud to be playing our part.”
The Coastal team continues to innovate to keep the title of “The Flying Safari Company”and is ready to welcome customers on board to experience the safari holiday of their wildest imagination.

The majority of Coastal’s passengers are International Tourists heading to atypical travel destinations in the different parts of Tanzania and even beyond borders into Kenya, Rwanda and Mozambique. “We owe this growth to our loyal customers, dependable partners, amazing staff and everyone else who has supported Coastal for the past 32 years. It simply would not have been possible without any of you. Thank you for shaping these years with us.”, said Shaf Syed, Managing Director of Coastal Aviation. Safari Njema