Campbell Bell Communications are representing Karisia Walking Safaris & Tumaren Camp

We are delighted to announce that Campbell Bell Communications will now be representing Karisia Walking Safaris and their Tumaren Camp to the travel trade. At Campbell Bell we pride ourselves in representing properties who prioritise eco-tourism and sustainability along with offering unique customer experiences. Karisia joins our portfolio, sitting proudly alongside our other pioneering clients to promote good tourism practises across East Africa.

Karisia has long been regarded as one of the leading walking safari experiences in Kenya. They have pioneered their incredible camel walks which offer a unique perspective for customers keen on an immersive and enriching wildlife experience.

With a newly-updated camp at Tumaren Ranch offering a high-level of comfort and luxury, they are now able to offer more flexibility in their experiences from simple day walks from camp to their long-established, multi-point, extended camel walks. Karisia also offer a wonderful range of additional activities from their popular climbing experiences to kids’ activities which include spear throwing lessons and local bead crafts.

Karisia Walking Safaris and The Tumaren Ranch demonstrate some of the best practises of eco-tourism with their on-going work to re-wild this beautiful corner of Laikipia alongside their fantastic efforts with their Community. Karisia are among the largest employers for their immediate neighbours on the Il Motiok and Koija group ranches. Coupled with generous donations through Mango Safaris, Karisia pay for food that supplies all the 574 children in their local school – many of whom would otherwise go through the day un-nourished.

Their story and their journey has been remarkable and we are very proud to present Karisia Walking Safaris, as one of Kenya’s eco-tourism jewels, to the world-wide travel trade.