Announcing the Return of the Safari Pioneers! Departing November 2020

Today, we are announcing a bold initiative for you to return home to Africa, to the warm welcome of our communities and staff, to the conservation-based safaris that are synonymous with Great Plains Conservation and to the spectacle of Mother Nature.

Great Plains Conservation is proud to announce the launch of their Return of the Safari Pioneers in partnership with Kenya Airways in a series of direct flights from New York to Nairobi, with exclusive health, customs and immigration formalities allowing guests to be cleared in private lounges and onto virtually Wingtip to Wingtip transfers into our camps.

Our highest-end camps have been pre-certified from a health and safety standard, and qualify as self-quarantine camps that you can move between with this safari designed around Safety, Experience, and Minimal Fuss as our three priorities.

We have secured the entire Business Class cabin for each flight and with the addition of our Great Plains Conservation executive chef’s cuisine being served on board ensures this safari represents a first-class experience.  

The inaugural departure of the Return of the Safari Pioneers from New York's JFK is on Saturday, the 21st of November 2020

This curated experience, limited to a maximum of 30 safari pioneers, is perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in African wildlife sightings over the Thanksgiving period!

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