Remote Africa Safaris' Nick Riddin walks 350km through Zambia's Luangwa Valley to raise awareness and support for communities and conservation

Nick Riddin, ecologist and manager at the family-run Remote Africa Safaris has dreamt of walking the length of the Luangwa River in Zambia's Luangwa Valley. On 27th July this year he starts to realise that dream by walking 350km over the course of 17 days through the home of walking safaris. The small group of five will begin their journey at Marula Puku, North Luangwa's conservation headquarters, walking down the MwaleshiRiver, and then following the Luangwa river through North Luangwa National Park, Luambe National Park and to the southern end of South Luangwa National Park.

Nick will be accompanied by an armed National Parks scout, a Remote Africa walking safari guide and Conservation Storytelling couple, Mana Meadows and Matthew Blair from Zimbabwe - who will document this adventure as they go. With the obvious negative impacts of COVID-19, the walk aims to raise awareness and support for the communities and conservation efforts in the Luangwa Valley. The team will be spending 7 nights camping in big 5 territory, and will spend the remaining nights in camps belonging to well-known safari companies (Remote Africa, Luambe Camp, Shenton Safaris, Time+Tide, Bushcamp Company, Chiawa Safaris, Kafunta Safaris and Sungani Safaris).

The group will be joined on foot by Ed Sayer (North Luangwa Conservation), Nick Aslin (Zambian Ground Handlers), John Coppinger (Founder of Remote Africa Safaris), Robin Pope (Founder of Robin Pope Safaris), Bovax Kachali (South Luangwa National Park warden), Rachel McRobb (Conservation South Luangwa CEO ) and many others.

Follow the team's build-up to the walk on instagram or facebook and keep an eye on progress as they follow animal paths through this unique, seasonal and truly wild valley.

How many places in the world do you know of where people can live in a wilderness which supports the big 5, has a free-flowing (undammed) river over 750km (475miles) long and has no fences restricting wildlife movement... Zambia's Luangwa Valley is deservedly referred to as one of the wildest places in Africa! 

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