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Enjoy luggage-free hiking in the Fish River Canyon

Experience the Fish River Canyon – up close and carefree, without any gear! Gondwana Collection Namibia offers new hiking tours (3 to 4 nights) in the wilderness area north of the main lookout point. Luggage and equipment are conveyed between the different self-catering accommodations of the Canyon Klipspringer Camps, nestled on riverbanks, or positioned on the edge of eternity.

Three convenient slackpacking options are available, which allow you to see more and carry less: Klipspringer Trail (17km hike, 3 nights), Zebra Trail (35km, 3 nights), and the Fish Eagle Trail (35km, 4 nights). The minimum number of participants per group is four persons, maximum 14 persons.

Skip stones, take a dip in the river, decipher animal tracks in the sand - and as night descends, sit around the fire under a dome of stars - relishing wilderness. Due to the high temperatures in the Canyon, the Fish River Canyon Trails are only available in the Namibian winter months from April to September.