The Benefits to a Private Guide on Safari

Travelling with a Private Guide in Africa is undoubtedly the ultimate way a traveller gets an individual experience with a personalised touch. The benefits include a deeper understanding of the  destination through local knowledge of the culture and history, whilst all expertly delivered to ensure a stress free, unforgettable safari.     

Sid Hayes is our CEO and Private Guide. With over 30 years guiding experience he is an invaluable addition to any safari. His skills include a  wealth of knowledge in the various areas we operate which allows him to highlight relevant information, add continuity and adapt a safari to meet the guest’s specific needs and interests, as well as striving to exceed their expectations. He also takes care of all the nitty gritty travel issues behind the scenes, making cross border transfers, paperwork, and light aircraft charter hops seamless and easy for the guests.

Sid has a good knowledge of photography and will always be willing to take photographs on behalf of the guests with their own cameras, but he also carries his own equipment and will put together an album of digital images at the end of the safari to send home with the guests. Birding is one of Sid’s other skills, which can turn most guests into avid ornithologists by the end of the trip. 

Recently due to the pandemic, Sid found himself having to explore other avenues of income  when his guiding took a back seat, and is now a Kinetic Nurse Operative Based. His guiding experience helped him hugely during his months of Caring and now adds a new dimension of personalised and individually tailored care support to his skills which  confidently  lends to having elderly guests with health issues on safari. 

Being a father of two and having brought them up in the bush environment, Sid’s rapport with kids of any age on safari is excellent. Not only does he teach them about the bush and wildlife, but his sense of humour also captures the kids' attention, and they end up having a lot of fun whilst learning things as well. Sid has had the privilege of guiding repeat families and guests over the many years – he has witnessed kids having grown up between their different trips, he has visited many of the guests back home in their own environment when he has gone on marketing trips, and above all he has formed some amazing friendships in all corners of the world which is the main reason he loves this job.  

He is without a doubt a people person who is the backbone of Exclusive Touch Africa and everything it stands for. Personalised, professional, and unforgettable.

“Sid, the continuous flow of humour, intellect and passion for your country – thank you! You will linger in our hearts for many sunrises and sunsets.”   Doug & Janice - USA

For more information on a privately guided safari with Sid Hayes, please contact