The first Hybrid car to be available for rental in Namibia

The Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid was introduced to the Gondwana Collection Namibia and Namibia2Go family in April 2022; and now this pioneer vehicle can add three new titles to its list of achievements, including the 2022 Car of the Year Award. 

Gondwana is known to promote nature conservation and environmentally friendly tourist accommodation and activities. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Gondwana would be the first to offer eco-tourists the opportunity to explore Namibia in a car that combines petrol and electricity to be more environmentally conscious while traveling.

The South African-produced Corolla Cross embraces the well-known characteristics of the previous eleven generations of Corollas, with futuristic sleek lines and interior, increased functionality, and utilities that allow this car to “just feel right”. Competing in eight (8) segments and against 49 vehicles, the Corolla Cross Hybrid shone the brightest. This car was awarded the South African Car of the Year Award for the first time in 33 years. The Hybrid also earned titles in the Compact Family and New Energy for Hybrids categories.

The Corolla Cross Hybrid lowers its CO2 emissions with the help of hybrid technology management to optimize energy efficiency. This is shown by its fuel consumption is just 4.3 liters per 100km, making it possible to drive more and further distances with just one tank of petrol. Gondwana Collection Namibia knows that Namibian tourist attractions are widespread and in many different types of terrains, therefore the Hybrid offers the best solution to lower the carbon footprint of one tourist, whilst still being able to allow travelers to explore the country with the 2x4 drive and many modern safety features.

Discover Namibia guilt-free with the 2022 Car of the Year, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, and Namibia2Go.