FCO Travel Advice Update - Uganda

8:01pm, 11 June 2019: Summary and Health section – On 11 June 2019 the Ugandan Ministry of Health confirmed an Ebola case in Kasese District in western Uganda.

Dr Richard Dawood, Atta’s Medical Advisor adds:

This development reflects the fact that the DRC outbreak is still uncontrolled.  Ebola containment strategy is based around contact tracing and vaccination of contacts. Instability and unrest is making this impossible in DRC, with a high proportion of new cases still unconnected to previously known cases. Spillover across the Ugandan border was felt to be only a matter of time, and sadly this has now occurred in a 5 year-old child.

The Ugandan authorities have been anticipating this possibility for some time, and have been looking out for imported cases. Further imported cases may follow, but the likelihood of local transmission within Uganda, and onward spread, is deemed very low. 

Please visit Uganda Travel Advice for more information.