A rare baby Zebra has been spotted in Kenya

A rare newly born Zebra has been spotted in Kenya and tourists can’t get enough of it.

The zebra has a rather amazing dark colour due to a genetic abnormality linked to the amount of melanin, affecting the pigmentation of the fur.

On Sunday 15 September, Mr Antony Tira – a tour guide-cum photographer – at Matira bush camp located in Maasai Mara came across the one-of-a-kind genetically mutated baby zebra. However, upon closer examination, Mr. Tira realised that what he was seeing was actually a zebra with melanin disorder.

It was hardly a week old, it appeared weak and very different from the others and was stuck close to a female adult zebra, probably its mother.

While still resembling a zebra, the foal has a short, hairless tail unlike a normal zebra’s brush-like tail. Most unusually though, the animal’s colouring is brown, with white dotted markings. There’s not a stripe in sight!

Excited Mr Tira photographed the black dotted foal and posted it on the camp’s Facebook page attracting a lot of social media attention.

The discovery immediately caused a stir and triggered a stampede in the reserve with tour drivers and photographers, hurriedly taking tourists to the lookout area in the game reserve near the Mara River for the rare find that has remained the top story in the Mara for the last three days.

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